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Viper Drones offers gas leak detection drone solution

Viper Drones has announced the launch of a new drone, the Viper Vantage, which offers an enterprise solution for gas leak detection. Operators are able to visualise and located gas leaks without shutting down operations by using the company’s ‘Viper Vantage’ solution.

The solution integrates the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and FLIR G300a optical gas imaging (OGI) camera using a single controller, which is operated by the pilot. The integration allows the operator to safely and cost-effectively use the drone for gas leak detection.

"We spent over a year working with operators to understand the real-world challenges in the field and fine-tuning the Viper Vantage design,” commented Brad Nichols, vice-president of technology at Viper Drones. “In the end, we have developed a system that dramatically improves the ability to detect leaks using a drone.”

The commercial drone market is estimated to be worth over $23 billion (€20.9 billion) by Goldman Sachs. The company was launched in response to increased demand from customers wanting to use drones to obtain more accurate data quicker, safer and at a lower cost.

"The Viper Vantage solution can be integrated to meet the unique operating requirements of our clients or delivered as a service through our partnership with LDAR drone service operators,” added Tom McKeefery, general manager of Viper Drones.