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Viking Pumps geared up to move crude

Viking Pump's External Gear Segment has announced the newest member of its product portfolio, the GP-14 LACT Series pumps.

The GP-14 LACT Series pumps are designed to create a compact, rugged, and easy to maintain LACT booster pump. Sometimes referred to as the 'shipping pump', the GP-14 Series pumps include an all ductile iron construction, motor speed operation, single mechanical seal, special self-lubricating bushings, and no roller bearings inside the pump. The series has been hand crafted and designed to handle discharge pressures up to 800PSI +, and flow rates north of 6,000 bpd of crude oil on the thin shale oils from the Bakken in North Dakota and the DJ Niobrara play in Colorado, to the major shale plays in Texas.

Viking also knows rotating equipment needs preventative maintenance to keep the oil production running at maximum uptime, so they have developed the GP-14 LACT Series pumps with a simple, back pull out seal design to give the facility maintenance group the ease of preventative maintenance with uptime as the most important factor. This option allows for easy seal access and repair to keep oil flowing without disrupting production with long and unnecessary preventive maintenance downtime.