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Viessmann launches new line of brine/water pumps

Viessmann has launched a new line of brine/water heat pumps, offering outputs from 59-250kW.

The Vitocal 300-G Pro range is a development of the company's Vitocal 300-G heat pump series. Maximum output can be increased almost five times, to 1,200kW, when used in a cascade. Seven outputs are now available: 90 and 120kW in a single stage, and 90, 120, 150, 180 and 250kW in two stage units.

The new heat pumps are suitable for industrial, commercial and agricultural settings, and are the first at their output level in the UK to feature an integral energy statement facility. This feature, available on all Viessmann heat pumps as part of the Vitotronic 200 control system, monitors the unit to provide a diagnostic on how well it is performing, reporting details such as the kWh produced by the heat pump and the electrical kWh needed to run it.

The Vitocal 300-G Pro brine/water pumps are only 88cm wide, aiding delivery and installation. Electrical equipment is fitted inside the heat pump casing as standard, and each unit comes with a ready-to-use connection for fail-safe primary and secondary pumps.