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Victaulic updates high-pressure piping system with added plug valve and updated coupling design

Victaulic, a manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, has updated its StrengThin piping system with the addition of the Series 466 plug valve and the redesigned Style D08 coupling.

The StrengThin system, a high-pressure piping system for balance-of-plant applications in desalination facilities, enables direct pipe-end preparation of schedule 10S and schedule 20 super austenitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steel pipe, reducing the need for welding and flanging. The system is designed to facilitate faster pipe fabrication and field installation, improves safety and reduces project costs.

Intended for on/off and control services, the Series 466 plug valve features an increased flow area and smaller end-to-end dimensions than the Series 465. The valve is available in 10" to 16" sizes (250-400mm) with StrengThin or Original Groove System (OGS) ends, and features a super duplex body, bonnet and plug and PTFE seats.

The StrengThin style D08 rigid coupling - used to join pipe, valves and fittings with StrengThin ends - now features a ductile iron housing with VC-200 coating, a multi-layer coating that has been tested and qualified to resist corrosive desalination environments.

The topcoat is a non-weatherable coating while the basecoats are a combination of hard metallic coatings. A double washer assembly protects the coating during fastener tightening. The Style D08 is a rigid coupling that delivers weld-like load carrying capabilities, enabling systems to be designed similarly to welded systems. Rigidity and proper assembly are achieved by meeting the minimum torque requirement for the applicable coupling size. With a two-piece housing, the coupling is available in 2" to 16" sizes (50-400mm) and features the Grade 'E3' EPDM FlushSeal gasket, which can help reduce biofouling and minimise the potential for crevice corrosion.

Other components of the StrengThin piping system include the Series 415 check valve, a full line of super duplex fittings and the VSF216 end-forming tool. Components range in size from 2-16" (50-400mm) and are rated for pressures of up to 1,200 psi (8,200 kPa).