Viatran introduces new level and pressure transmitter models

Viatran, a US-based designer, developer, and manufacturer of pressure and level transmitters, has introduced the Model 59Y submersible level transmitter series for water and wastewater within industrial and municipal environments.

The Viatran Model 59Y Series features a monolithic (one-piece) design, which measures hydrostatic pressure of compatible media.

It is available with a choice of PVC, PP, PVDF, or 316L stainless steel material, as well as in submersible ranges from 0-16” WC to 0-835ft WC, and the units are fully sealed to meet IP68 ratings.

PUR cables are available as standard, with added options for PVC, FEP, and TPE types, with dual temperature measurement capabilities also possible (Model 59T).

Recommended accessories for Model 59Y submersible level transmitters include cable hangers, weights, process meters, and the Model LSP lightning surge protector.

The Model LSP offers fast, rugged equipment protection against rapid rising voltage transients and lightning strike effects.

Typical applications for the Viatran Model 59Y Series include liquid level and depth, in-ground and above ground water tanks, water and wastewater, lift stations, irrigation systems, holding ponds, chemical plants, wells, reservoirs and dams, and inventory tank gauging.

Pressure transmitter

In addition to the Model 59Y, Viatran has also introduce of its industry-exclusive Model 386 flush tip pressure transmitter.

The Model 386 features an industry-exclusive flush tip-zero cavity design, which eliminates the traditional measurement challenges of pressure transmitter port clogging and installation torque effects on the output signal.

The transmitter further incorporates a solid stainless steel machined diaphragm (Inconel optional), along with all-welded sealed housings, making it virtually impervious to fluid ingress and reducing risk of potential damage to internal electronics.

The Model 386 also features an isolated sensor which eliminates the need for adjustments to the pressure transmitter after installation.

Units are available in 13 configurable standard ranges, covering 0-150 to 0-10,000 PSIG or PSIS, along with a variety of electrical connections.

Depending upon range, the Model 386 can withstand up to one and half times the proof pressure (10,000PSI range) and up to five times the burst pressure (or 30,000PSI, whichever is less).

Typical applications for the Model 386 flush tip pressure transmitter include paint finishing systems, automotive and aerospace test stands, in-laboratory R&D, process pressure measurements, adhesives, sludge and slurries, and viscous media measurements.

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