Veolia Water Technologies introduces new advanced RO solutions

Veolia Water Technologies has launched two new SIRION range models - the SIRION PRO and the SIRION Advanced.
These premium reverse osmosis (RO) solutions, that integrate advanced digital monitoring capabilities, will assist with energy efficient solutions for the production of purified water and can provide substantial operational savings.
Through 11 fully standardised models, both systems offer a solution for each required permeate flow, from 100 to 5000 l/h, making them suitable for a wide variety of process water applications including industrial, healthcare and laboratory.
Complementing the existing SIRION range, both the PRO and Advanced systems incorporate enhanced digital features.
This includes seamless integration with its AQUAVISTA digital services, which enables real-time performance optimisation via the cloud-based platform as well as a 7 inch user-friendly touch screen.
Designed with ease of operation in mind, on both systems the touch screen is fully configurable and allows for simple monitoring of the system’s pressure, temperature, conductivity and flow rate values.
Operational savings are made through the use of low energy VRO membranes requiring a lower operating pressure in order for the systems to operate, as well as a concentrate throttling valve so that flow can be adjusted to suit actual process water demands.

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