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Velan unveils new cast metal-seated ball valve

At the Valve World Expo in Houston, Texas, Canadian company Velan unveiled its new Securaseal R-series cast metal-seated ball valve. Incorporating Velan’s severe service technology, the R-series valves are designed to be a package suitable for most processes with fluid slurries and high temperatures.

Speaking at the expo in Houston, Yves Ludec, Velan’s CEO, said: “Velan has a great history of innovation in metal-seated ball valves, but a lot of that innovation has happened on a project-to-project basis. The R-series is the result of an extensive R&D program built to optimize Velan’s technology into a product that addresses the most common requirements—both from an application and commercial point of view. We believe the result is a platform that underpins the best metal-seated ball valve product line in the market.”

The R-series cast has been designed to meet process industry standards, including API 608, and stringent customer specifications. The new product line is available in all sizes and standard trims up to ASME Class 600. It is also offered on an engineered-to-order basis up to ASME class 2500 and sizes 36” (DN900) sizes.

Velan’s new product line has been extensively, in the company’s own labs and in the field. “Our new platform for metal-seated ball valves has been engineered for weight and torque competitiveness, while ensuring components will perform over an extended service life. Some of the work is hard to see, but ultimately we’ve made many optimizations based on our own field experience and the latest standards, resulting in a valve that meets Velan's high severe service standards, at a competitive price,” said Valeska Chwoschtschinsky, Product Specialist for Securaseal.

“In addition, this product comes with a vast material and coating selection that can be tailored to tough operating conditions such as high-pressure oxygen service, slurry-carrier applications, and high-pressure steam."