Valvestock supplies components for new North Sea platform

Valvestock, Pipe Center's specialist valve and actuator business, has supplied high specification components for installation in a new 140-person accommodation module being built by Sembmarine SLP for a major oil company.

The module, shortly to be deployed in the North Sea off Scotland, includes living accommodation, canteens, a gym, hospital facilities and a helicopter landing pad. The completed structure is due to be transported from Lowestoft by sea in May.

Working closely with manufacturing supplier Conbraco with regard to its Apollo valve range, Valvestock has supplied all manual butterfly valves, ball valves, double-block and bleed, gate valves and globe valves required for the seawater cooling system, potable water, instrument air, plant air and fire-water circuits.

It also provided pressure regulating valves for use on the facility's calorifier and fire-water main.

Marcus Sampson, general manager of Valvestock, said: 'Given the nature the project, the technical and safety requirements were obviously very detailed and comprehensive. This spanned all aspects, from valve specification and sourcing, through to testing, preparation and painting.'

The service provided by Valvestock included quotation, consolidation of the complete valve package, documentation compliance, and consultation on materials selection and suitability for the application. It also provided specialist support during commissioning.

The company acted as the single point of contact, co-ordinating the supply of components from other Wolseley UK companies, such as Pipe Center, Plumb Center and Drain Center.

A major part of the order consisted of industrial valves, including Apollo stainless steel ball valves, aluminium-bronze ball valves, high-performance butterfly valves, aluminium-bronze gate and globe valves, stainless steel and aluminium bronze double block and bleed valves, and stainless steel and aluminium bronze pressure regulating valves.

It was one of the first major orders of Apollo valves following the recent appointment of Pipe Center as a UK distributor for US industrial valve manufacturer Conbraco.

Subject to weather conditions, the platform is due to be towed from dock and deployed at its final destination off the coast of Scotland on 2 May 2014.

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