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Valvestock launches next-day service for plastic valve automation and actuation packages

Valvestock, the specialist valve and actuator arm of Pipe Center, has introduced a new rapid response service for plastic valves and actuator packages aimed at installers, skid builders and end users.

It provides dedicated technical support for the selection, quotation and next-day delivery of plastic valve automation and actuation products.

The rapid response service, which sees assembly take place at Valvestock's Fareham facility in the UK, is initially available with GF actuated valve packages although further types of valve will be added in the near future.

Due to their resistance to aggressive chemicals, plastic valves are ideal for use in applications involving contact with acids, alkalis, inorganic and organic media. Compared with traditional metal components, plastic valves are lightweight, quick to install, and easy to modify to meet complex installation requirements.

The company will stock GF automation products as part of its valve service, enabling it to carry out builds from stock and provide rapid turnaround. It will also hold stocks of its own-brand Jet electric actuator, and supply the complimentary Durapipe range with standard lead times.

Valvestock's new service has helped the company secure a significant order for components for a bio-digester at a Midlands sewage treatment works. The plastic components replace traditional metal solenoid valves that were costly and only available on long lead-times. The plastic valves offered an ideal problem-solving alternative.

The contract includes plastic manual and actuated valves, plus on-site modification of existing valves, spindle extensions and retrofit actuation.

The new plastic valve service compliments Valvestock's existing metal ball, butterfly, gate, globe and diaphragm valves, plus its Saunders industrial valve range, built by Valvestock from stock under licence.