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Valves with special sensors boost district’s heating system

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Sei and Sfera Energy Solutions have implemented a smart heating system for the municipality of Mantua.
The monitoring system for the district aims is to create a “smart” supply of district heating in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.
The new system consisted of two Vexve iSENSE™ valves equipped with special sensors.
These sensors provide essential information in terms of operation, leak-detection, energy consumption and forecast of resources used to ensure maximum efficiency of the entire plant.
The setting up of these innovative valves, equipped with sensors, has been designed and developed to meet the increasing need of knowing in real time the status and operation of district heating systems.
The underground pipes are often difficult to monitor and the system guarantees a rapid intervention in case of breakdowns and a cost efficiency in the supply of the service.
This new system has proved a success and Sfera Energy Solutions was commissioned for a second supply of four new valves equipped with iSENSE ™ technology designed by Vexve.
With these two valves, it is possible to “isolate”, if necessary, the network of the Lunetta district from the rest of the city.
Other two new valves have been placed in the Mantua hospital area and a further pair will be installed within the year in via Solferino.
The underground network extends for about 70 km in total of double piping and the heat introduced is almost entirely taken from the Enipower Mantova heat exchange plant and from the high-efficiency cogeneration plant installed at the city hospital.