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Valcor introduces new valves and regulator

Valcor SV22 (via Valcor)
Valcor SV22 (via Valcor)

Valcor Engineering has announced their new product lines, SV22, SV28 and SV102. The SV102 is a precision pressure regulator, and the SV22 and SV28 are high flow electronic valves.

The SV102 is a manual regulator designed to provide accuracy and repeatability in a compact, durable package. The company says it is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, both new and retrofit.

The SV22 and SV28 are built to have a cycle-life of over a billion cycles offered in a solid, compact design with extremely high flow rates.

The SV22 comes in two-way and three-way configurations and can be used in many applications, including inert gas controls in packaging applications, BP cuff inflation control, CPAP devices, seal inflation control, air pilot control, weld shielding gas control, filling and dispensing, reagent control, rinsing/CIP applications, and process fluid control.

With the SV28, the operator is able to vary the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. The consistent gain and low hysteresis of this valve provides a high degree of controllability. The valve may be controlled using DC current, open or closed-loop control, and pulse width modulation.

Valcor SV22 (via Valcor)