Val-Matic valves for hydro industry

The demands of the hydro and dam industries can take its toll on valves not up to the job of using the power of moving waters to generate electricity.
Val-Matic has a number of quarter-turn and check valves that can meet these demanding conditions.
Quarter-Turn valves such as QuadroSphere Ball Valves, Ener•G Ball Valves and American-BFV Butterfly Valves are available in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes.
The QuadroSphere was designed with additional flow paths and seat contact minimised for reduced wear and operating torques.
Val-Matic’s Surgebuster Check Valve, Tilted Disc Check Valve, and Swing Check Valve have features and designs to prevent slamming, reduce head-loss and provide significant savings in pumping costs.
Val-Matic was founded in 1966 by Andrew Nuter and Ted Makowan with one product line - the Silent Check Valve.
Within a year, work had begun on Val-Matic’s second product line, Air Valves, which would become the company’s signature product line. Today, Val-Matic manufactures nine types of air valves and is the leading supplier of air valves in North America.
For additional information on Val-Matic Products visit us at valmatic.com.

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