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US utility companies invest millions of dollars in ageing pipe networks

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Missouri American Water will invest $2 million (€1.7 million) to upgrade nearly 3,700 feet of ageing water mains in its service territories.
The company, a subsidiary of American Water Works (AWK), will replace old 20-inch water lines, originally installed in the 1920s, with a larger 24-inch ductile.
The upgrading process will continue until the autumn.
The pipeline upgrade will advance water service reliability and increase water flows for customers and fire protection.
Last year, the company invested more than $100 million (€84 million) to replace nearly 90 miles of ageing water pipe in Missouri.
A substantial portion of water infrastructure — primarily the water pipelines — is gradually approaching the end of their effective life.
As a consequence, pipeline breakage is causing wastage of potable water, thereby increasing the possibility of contamination.
The increasing demand for water also requires addition and expansion of the existing water and wastewater infrastructure.
AWK plans to invest $10.4 billion (€8.7 billion) in the 2021-2025 time period and $22-$25 billion (€18-€21 billion) in the next decade.
Another water utility California Water Service Group has plans to invest in the range of $270-$300 million (€226-€252 million) in its water infrastructure in 2021 and expect its annual capital expenditure to increase during the next five years due to rising needs to replace and maintain infrastructure.