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US farmers sign up to water certification programme

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The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Programme (MAWQCP) has reached the milestone of enrolling 1,000 farmers and landowners from across the state.
Now, more than 715,000 acres of land are helping to protect the state’s water resources.
Since the start of the program in 2014, the Agriculture Water Quality Certification Programme has added more than 2,050 new conservation practices, kept about 38,500 tonnes of sediment out of Minnesota rivers, saved 110,000 tonnes of soil and 48,500 pounds of phosphorous on farms, reduced nitrogen losses by up to 49% and reduced the equivalent of over 39,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year.
“Water quality is important to all Minnesotans, especially those that care for the land, and we want to thank everyone that has stepped up to protect and restore our state’s lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater through the Minnesota Agriculture Water Quality Certification Programme,” said Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen. “We can be assured these certified farmers are managing their operations to protect water quality now and into the future.”
The MAWQCP puts farmers in touch with local conservation district experts to identify and mitigate any risks their farm poses to water quality.
There are also extra endorsements available to water quality certified producers for soil health, integrated pest management, and wildlife.