US-based firm introduces new flow sensor on to the marketplace

AW-Lake Company has unveiled a new flow sensor.
The new EDGE Flow Sensor, produced by the Wisconsin-based firm, with optional Bluetooth for use in flow meter applications requiring an analogue, pulse or Modbus signal to a PLC or other control system has come onto the market.
Mounted on meters including AW-Lake gear meters and turbine flow meters, the EDGE Flow Sensor outputs a frequency, current or analogue signal that gives users more installation flexibility, especially when unsure of readout equipment or a control room interface.
With the ability to force the sensor to output a frequency or analogue signal, connections to a user interface are verifiable without the need to run fluid flow.
The sensor offers three optional pulse output configurations including push/pull, sinking and sourcing. A Modbus output adds additional system compatibility for more advanced operations.
Designed with a significantly reduced package size, the EDGE Flow Sensor fits in small spaces and can connect to a PC via standard USB-C cable. More resistant to system vibration than competitive units, the sensor has no contact between the pickup nose and meter to minimize the chance of its damage due to rough handling or installation.

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