Upgrade work in the pipeline

Cadent is to upgrade over 19,000 metres of gas pipes in the Rochdale area of the UK.
The programme comprises 485,178 metres of the north-west’s oldest gas mains – including 19,044 metres in Rochdale – some of which were installed a century ago.
Cadent replaces around 300 to 350 miles of its 21,000-mile underground pipe distribution system annually.
Upgrading to plastic ensures a long-term safe network and helps get it ready for the introduction of greener gases like hydrogen and biomethane.
“More than 80% of homes in the north-west rely on gas for central heating and it’s our job to make sure they get it, safely and reliably, every minute of every day of the year,” said Craig Horrocks, who heads Cadent’s gas mains upgrade work in the region.
“We’re also excited by the arrival soon of hydrogen to our networks, a zero-carbon gas at point of use, as well as low-carbon biomethane, a gas made from waste.
“Both are essential to the UK reaching its goal to have net zero carbon emissions.
“As our older stock reaches the end of its safe working life, we must replace it.
“In most cases we’re able to insert the new pipe into the old one, a technique that reduces the time of each project and means we don’t have to dig as many excavations. It also means an end to what often becomes increasingly-frequent visits – with associated disruption – to repair faults on the older metallic mains, as they start to show signs of age.
“We know it’s not ideal, but my team is determined to move as quickly as they safely can and get the work done with as little disruption as possible.”

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