United Utilities delivers its largest water pipelines

United Utilities has installed its biggest ever water pipelines.
The four 1600mm line valves were delivered to the site and installed successfully - all following social distancing regulations.
The pipes will be connected to the water company’s Haweswater Aqueduct which keeps the taps flowing for 2.5 million people in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester in the UK.
The work was carried out alongside the company’s partners JN Bentley Waitings and Environmental Fabrications who helped ensure the project’s success.
The North West water company has also introduced the UK’s first water sniffer dogs.This time United Utilities has teamed up with inventors to develop artificial intelligence capable of hunting leaks across their network of pipes.
FIDO – the cutting-edge AI platform and in field device –uses rapid machine-learning to ‘listen’ and interpret the unique data trail left by leaks. Then, a bit like sniffer dogs, it tracks them down to pinpoint the exact location of a leak.
United Utilities Network and Capital Delivery Director Kevin Fowlie said FIDO had the potential to be a game-changer in leakage detection, especially as many leaks never showed above ground and were difficult to find.
He said: “We have thousands of loggers and monitors installed across our network to detect the barely perceptible sounds and vibrations which can be indicators of leaks, but it’s difficult for humans to interpret which data is a leak, and which could be a pump, traffic noise or something else.
“FIDO gathers all this data into its AI leaks library and it learns fast. It can even calculate, with increasing accuracy, how severe the leak is, helping us prioritise. It really is revolutionising our response to leaks.”

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