Uniglide-e pump from Celeros Flow Technology offers improved reliability and energy saving

The Uniglide-e range is the latest generation of axially split, double entry pumps from Celeros Flow Technology.
The pumps, according to Celeros, offer significant advances in the areas of energy saving, reliability and ease of maintenance.
Part of the ClydeUnion Pumps (CUP) Glides range, Uniglide-e split pumps have a capacity of up to 4,000 m3/hr (17,600 USgpm), a delivery head of up to 200 metres and operate at speeds of up to 1,800 rpm.
Their innovative hydraulic design and the application of a special internal coating provides low NPSH, stable characteristics and high efficiency – contributing to low running and whole life costs.
Typical applications include water treatment, processing and building services sectors, or any task requiring a highly energy efficient and economical pump.
Uniglide-e pumps feature a keyless drive design that eliminates the impeller key, which is a common cause of shaft failure due to fretting and fatigue failures.
These pumps are also equipped with a high tensile shaft designed to minimise dynamic shaft deflection and provide an ample safety factor in rotation speed, ensuring extended shaft life.
Radial thrust is reduced by utilising a double volute casing design on all but the smallest frames; offering improved efficiency, minimised vibration and extended bearing and seal life.
Seal integrity is assured thanks to a unique adaptor design, which allows fitment of all major supplier’s cartridge seal assemblies. Cartridge seals and bearings can also be changed in a fraction of the time taken on a conventional unit.
The Uniglide-e’s split casing design further simplifies maintenance by allowing access to the pump rotor without disturbing pipework or the driver.

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