UK Government reassures BPMA on conformity assurance post-Brexit

The British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA) has received an official response from the UK Government regarding the state of conformity assessment of EU products in a post-Brexit Britain. Lord Kinnoull (EU Committee and EU Justice Sub-Committee), on behalf of the BPMA, posed the question on the future of conformity assessment which was met with a positive response.

Lord Kinnoull’s question read as follows: “Her Majesty's Government was asked whether UK Notified Bodies will be able to continue to work with UK manufacturers, checking that their products conform to the essential requirements of European Directives which have been transposed into UK Law, until the end of the anticipated Brexit implementation period.

In response, Lord Henley (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy) explained: “the Government recognises the valuable work undertaken by UK Notified Bodies in ensuring that products placed on the market have been through suitable assessment to ensure that they comply with the relevant requirements. During the implementation period the UK will no longer be a Member State of the European Union, but market access will continue on current terms. For UK Notified Bodies this means that they will continue to be able to conduct third-party conformity assessments for both the UK and the EU markets as they do now.”

The lack of clarity with regard to business practices in the UK after leaving the EU has been a major point of contention for all key industries. With the BPMA having received reassurance however, investors will be able to remain optimistic about the future of pump manufacturing.

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