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UK filter manufacturer Amazon Filters strengthens meltblown product range

Amazon Filters has strengthened its SupaSpun and SupaGard meltblown filter range with the additional option of KilBac technology.

Produced using a unique manufacturing process, the new SupaSpun KilBac® and SupaGard Kilbac® filters harness the latest innovation in high-performance antimicrobial and anti-algal additives.

KilBac’s meltblown fibre construction is designed to prevent biofilm build-up on filters in both multi- and single-pass water systems. The technology harnesses micron-sized particles containing active silver, zinc and copper. Combined with a base polymer, the metals are incorporated in different combinations to combat the growth of bacteria or algae on the filter.

Precise control of fibre diameters during manufacturing ensures that the maximum area of antimicrobial material is exposed, which optimises performance.

The launch follows a rigorous testing programme, which demonstrated KilBac’s effectiveness against biofouling and the subsequent filter blockage or sloughing off of contaminants that can blind membrane systems downstream.

KilBac is able to inhibit bacterial and algal growth by disrupting metabolic activity at cellular levels, and ca be used in any application where potential biofouling of a water-based filtration system takes place. These include industry sectors such as power generation, chemicals and coatings, oil and gas, among others.

In oil and gas production, for example, KilBac filters can be used to prevent premature blinding of single recognition particle membranes with algae.

“KilBac is the latest addition to our solutions portfolio and is perfect for any process water system that is stop-start and so not in continual flow,” commented Neil Pizzey, managing director of Amazon Filters. “In all kinds of water-based recirculation processes there can be a persistent problem with microbial contamination and the subsequent biofouling of filters.

“You find this in physical blockages of the filter as well as the sloughing-off of micro-organisms growing on the filtration media. The upshot is typically an interruption to your manufacturing process and therefore increased costs to put it right. In response, KilBac prevents biofilm build-up to avoid any interruption, extending the lifetimes of water systems and so reducing operating costs for our customers.”