UK-based firm provides solutions to spiking pressure problems

Finding a solution for controlling high upstream hydraulic pressure in applications where a constant volume pump is supplying more flow than the system requires can be a challenge.

Examples of critical flow systems where excess flows can be a serious problem include flight controls, steering systems and flow dividers in aerospace, aviation, F1 motorsport and oil exploration applications.

However, a new hi-damped pressure relief valve insert introduced by miniature component specialists the UK-based Lee Company provides a solution to situations where high or spiking pressure is prevalent.

Standard relief valves are likely to suffer from issues such as instability, erosion and structural damage and all of these undesirable effects have consequences in terms of maintenance, repair, not to mention cost and, potentially, safety.

These are the issues which led the designers at the company to make dual hydraulic dampening chambers a central feature of the new 375 HD PRI.

These chambers ensure stable relief flow over various flow rates and pressure combinations, with the added benefit of quiet operation.

Durability and longevity are likely to be key in some of the application environments so the inserts construction entirely of stainless steel meets these requirements while a rugged 440C Poppet and Seat ensure optimum durability. They are available in forward and reverse relief flow directions and offer a range of cracking pressures for 3000, 4000 and 5000 psi systems, with system peak pressures up to 6750 psi.

Set inside a compact footprint to meet the demands of precision micro-hydraulic systems, the HDI PR is available in 7.14mm and 9.53mm diameter options, with a nominal weight as low as 9 grams, up to a maximum of 21 grams.

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