TUV SUD NEL commissions densitometer upgrade

Flow measurement R&D specialist TUV SUD NEL has commissioned an upgrade of its Primary Liquid Densitometer with the aim of boosting flowmeter calibration accuracy and closing the calibration traceability gap.

According to TUV SUD NEL, the new Primary Liquid Densitometer will provide the calibration traceability to primary standards for liquid density measurement at elevated temperatures, as well as the pressure required for flowmeter calibration in these conditions.

The Primary Densitometer will support the company’s £16million Advanced Multiphase Facility (AMF), a high- pressure multiphase flow test facility currently in development which 'will have the largest test range in the world'.

In a statement, TUV SUD NEL says that the upgrade will decrease flow measurement uncertainty and minimise financial exposure for oil & gas operators and taxation authorities.

“As flow meters are the cash registers of the oil & gas industry, density determination and its variation with temperature and pressure is a fundamental part of flowrate measurement, and essential to commercial success,” Dr Norman Glen, Principal Consultant at TUV SUD NEL, said.

“Our investment is therefore vitally important to both operators and industry regulators, which want to be assured of accurate financial reporting, fair trade and taxation.”



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