Tsurumi Pumps hits the gold standard at Olympic Games

Tsurumi Pumps are being used in a canoe slalom event at the Tokyo Olympic Games.
There are 15 submersible pumps being used to pump the water and create turbulence for the event.
A total of three of the pumps have 150kW motors and pump 4,000 litres per second!
As a comparison, the company’s two-inch submersible pump model LB480 pumps less than 0.5 litres per second. That is the equivalent of over 1,000 LB480s being used.
Tsurumi also offers an impact cover that protects the build-in water level sensor even in the event of massive force.
Sensor pumps are popular because they allow the device to control itself - if the water rises to a certain level, the unit starts up - and switches off again when the level drops.
This also saves operating costs. The ram protection safeguards this function.
Tsurumi also relies on electrodes to measure the water level. This approach is potentially much more fail-safe because it does not require mechanics. Electrodes also react faster and are usually more accurate.
The manufacturer has not yet stated whether this cover will become standard for new pumps.

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