Tsurumi Pumps help remove floodwater

Tsurumi Pumps Global has just won an order for two KRS822 pumps in Japan.
Hokkaido is an area thought of as a region where you saw comparatively little damage from heavy rain.
However, fields have been threatened with flooding following heavy rain from frequent torrential downpours.
So in addition to the pumps, the company also received orders for suction hoses, Sunny Hoses and generators to help alleviate the problem.

Whenever heavy rain is in the forecast, the system is temporarily set up and fired up in advance to stay ahead of dewatering needs.
The pumps were delivered to help drain ponding water. Originally, one pump was installed, but localised downpours in recent years spurred fears that there might not be enough drainage capacity to keep up with demand.
Therefore, to increase capacity in three locations, Tsurumi received an order for and subsequently delivered a total of six pumps – two per site.
To deploy the pumps, they are first coupled with hoses and then lowered into the pit using a chain block.

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