Tsurumi builds new manufacturing facility in Japan

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The manufacturer of dewatering and sewage pumps Tsurumi is building a new plant at its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.
It is the market leader's seventh facility.
The company is responding to changes in global supply chains that have occurred since the pandemic - characterised by fluctuations in parts availability and costs.
Greater control over the manufacturing process and process quality are other motives behind the decision.
Tsurumi is investing around €70 million and production will initially concentrate on electric motors, the key element of every pump.
The company already manufactures around 110,000 motors per year. The focus is on the powerful and sophisticated drives for the GPN series, a robust sand pump with a flow rate of up to 9000 l/min.
For this and other series, cast parts are already being produced that were previously purchased. In Japan, the number of foundries has declined by about 70% in the last 20 years.
Tsurumi is entering the technological frontier - 3D printers layer the moulds from many layers of sand, which increases precision compared to the conventional process.
The new plant is scheduled to go into operation in autumn next year.
Most of the 500 pump models offered in Europe (with flow rates up to 30 m3/min or 216 m head) are available for immediate delivery from the company’s EU warehouse.

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