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Tricor flowmeters receive Canadian CRN certification

AW-Lake has completed CRN registration of its Tricor Coriolis mass flowmeters within five provinces of Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec.

Each province requires individual registration and provides a CRN number. 

CRN registration certifies that the Tricor flowmeter product line meets high quality standards in operating safely under different working conditions.

Registered under Category F for measuring devices within the pressure vessel code, the pressure-containing components with the Tricor product line are now certified as meeting the ASME B31.3 code for allowable stress when under pressure, as stated for castings, flanges, and tubes. 

“If a product does not hold CRN, a user doesn’t know what standards, if any, to which the product is designed,” said Mark Iverson, general manager at AW-Lake.

“Most facilities operating in Canada that follow some kind of government guideline require equipment to be CRN registered. CRN registration certifies that our product is designed to meet requirements and safety codes built into ASME codes.”

The CRN registration opens the door for Tricor use in oil and gas processes, wastewater, nuclear plants, food and beverage processes, and other applications within Canada where customers must specify equipment compliant with Canadian B51 standards.

The Tricor meters serve in process operations, performing multiple measurements simultaneously with customisable process parameters and multiple communication languages.

The all-in-one instruments provide for direct measurement of mass flow, density, and temperature, with calculated measurement of volumetric flow.