Trelleborg supplies gas transfer technology to world’s largest offshore facility

Trelleborg has supplied a suite of products from its marine systems operation to Shell’s Prelude FLNG facility, the largest offshore facility ever constructed.

488 metres long, 74 metres wide and constructed with more than 260,000 tons of steel, Shell’s Prelude will extract and liquefy natural gas from a site in North-West Australia. Trelleborg is supplying the facility with its gas transfer technology and SafePilot navigational and pilot systems.

“We’re delighted that our SafePilot solution, SSL, ESL and radio ESD for tandem condensate offload have been used on Shell’s Prelude FLNG,” said Richard Hepworth, president of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation.

“The products supplied fall under our SmartPort product range: they represent industry leading technology that enables real time communications and information sharing during vessel approach and the LNG, LPG and Natural Gas Condensate transfer operations.”

To support Prelude’s process operations, Trelleborg has supplied its Ship Shore Link (SSL) system for the transfer of LNG from the platform to visiting LNGC’s. For this, a full shore SSL shore system was supplied. In addition, Trelleborg also provided their Electrical Shutdown Link (ESL), known more commonly as the SIGTTO link, for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transfer, and a new radio ESD link developed with Shell and used in conjunction with floating hoses for the tandem transfer of natural gas condensate produced as part of the LNG production process.

Trelleborg has also supplied the navigational system for Prelude, to support marine operations. The system is designed to closely monitor the relative motion of the FLNG and the carrier during approach, and the sideways berthing mooring phase, as well as the tandem berthing/mooring phase.

The motion and position data of the carrier are measured by the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)/Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS) RTK based Portable Pilot Units (PPU) installed on the bridge wing of the gas LNGC.

Position and motion data of the FLNG is measured by the Motion Reference Unit (MRU) and the DGPS/GLONASS RTK based base station in FLNG. The base and up to five PPUs are linked via a dedicated UHF frequency.

Through the SafePilot system, the pilot, master, tug operator and control room all have access to a real-time, accurate and independent picture of the relative positions and movement between the different objects and tankers in the operation. Trelleborg’s offshore software makes it possible to view all objects and shuttle tankers together, on a single display.

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