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Torque measurement device launched to prevent plant shutdown

Smith Flow Control has launched a device that can be mounted to either a valve input handwheel or directly to the valve input shaft to safeguard the valve from excessive torque.

The company says the TorkDrive is suitable for use at oil refineries, power plants, paper mills, water plants and chemical processing facilities. Its main functions are preventing valve damage, which could cause expensive plant shutdown and valve replacement and providing vital site maintenance requirement information.

Set to a predetermined maximum torque, the device prevents the operator from applying excessive force when closing the valve, protecting the valve seat, and controls the torque applied when operating a valve, ensuring that the same force is used regardless of the strength of the operator.

Other features of the TorkDrive, made of 316 stainless steel, include its ability to withstand temperatures from -56°C to +100°C and a torque setting range from 80Nm – 500Nm.

Two spring set configurations are available, a low range TorkDrive unit offering a maximum torque output range between 80Nm – 280Nm and a high range unit offering 250Nm-500Nm. The compact design weighs less than 4kg and requires no maintenance, says the company.

The device comes complete with a tool for making fine adjustments and is supplied with bespoke adaptation to the host valve and its own operating handwheel/lever.