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Titan reports strong sales on its low flow ultrasonic flowmeters

Titan Atrato flowmeter
Titan Atrato flowmeter

Titan Enterprises is reporting strong sales on its Atrato range of low flow ultrasonic flowmeters. 

The company’s managing director, Trevor Forster said in a statement: “We now have several thousand Atrato units in use by customers worldwide ranging from sample-sensitive medical and pharmaceutical use right through to challenging off-shore as well as process and control applications. Just recently we were delighted that a leading global electronics and component supplies company chose to add several Atrato models to its catalogue”.

Forster continued: "Typically customers, after trying an Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter, are so pleased with its outstanding performance and unmatched reliability that they order multiple units.  We are constantly extending the operational capabilities and market leading performance of Atrato in response to customer requirements".

Atrato flowmeters deploy patented technology to operate with an accuracy of +/-1% over very wide flow ranges and better than ±0.5% over typical mechanical flowmeter operating ranges. A statement from Titan says: “Its rugged, clean bore construction makes the Atrato ideal for a whole range of low flow applications (down to a world leading minimum of just 0.5ml / minute). An integral USB port allows software connectivity at literally the touch of a button.”

The flowmeters’ advanced signal processing system allows flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range, allowing accurate metering of both viscous and non-viscous products.

With over 40 years of experience, Titan supplies its innovative flow measurement solutions to a range of industries, including medical, chemical, petrochemical, food and drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical.

Titan Atrato flowmeter