Titan offers compact flowmeters for tricky applications

Titan Enterprises, a flow measurement solutions firm with over 40 years' experience, is offering a range of flowmeters for applications requiring an accurate, compact and lightweight device.

The company says its Oval Gear (OG) flowmeters have recently been used in monitoring hydraulic fluids at the end of a robot arm, measuring sulphite spraying in a vineyard and for medical dosing.

Based upon its OG2 flowmeter, Titan has produced an oval gear positive displacement unit, providing a pulse output over a flow range of from 0.03 to 4.0 litre per minute, using oval gears in PEEK and a lightweight aluminium CNC machined body. The company says whole unit weighs less than 100 grammes, as required for use on a fast moving robot arm, but was capable of measuring oil flow to better than 0.5%.

Based upon their OG2 design - Titan produced a special thin walled stainless steel body, battery powered flow totaliser for the 'vineyard' application to provide accurate sulphite dosing to help control wine fermentation. Similar lightweight OG2 flow meter systems have been supplied for medical dosing applications, according to the company.

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