Titan launches flowmeter replacement package

UK-based flow measurement firm Titan Enterprises announced that it will be replacing its 800 Series Displaying Turbine Flowmeter (800D) with a combination package of an 800 series turbine flowmeter and a Pulsite Solo display unit.

According to Titan, the combination package provides users with more versatility and the possibility of remote display reading when your flowmeter is situated in an inaccessible or environmentally unfriendly location.

The company claims that the Pulsite Solo offers better resolution than the 800D, as well as enunciators to confirm to the user the units and settings selected, whilst power consumption is less, and the display can be accessed remotely from the flowmeter.

Titan describes the package as a ‘convenient, more capable’ alternative to the 800D flowmeter, for both new and existing consumers.


This article was written by Joshua Heer, junior editor of Fluid Handling International.

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