Titan Enterprises develops water leak management platform

UK-based flowmeter manufacturer Titan Enterprises has launched a new device for water leak management within properties and the immediate vicinity.

Developed in collaboration with leading UK water industry players, the device will be used to monitor customer water usage at an individual appliance level.

It will also aim to offer the ability to detect leaks and burst pipes, as well as automatically isolate water supply in the event of a major event and provide data for operating smart water networks.

“The world domestic water flowmeter market is estimated to reach over 125 million units this year,” said Neil Hannay, business development manager at Titan Enterprises. “Around one third of these will be ‘smart’ meters requiring power to operate. Drawing upon our proprietary Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter technology we have developed, with our partners, the industry’s most advanced platform for water and leak reduction management.”

"We are also very keen to hear from other water industry integration companies interested in utilising our Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter technology as part of their water leak detection/management system," he added.

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