Titan announces latest liquid level gauge display

Advanced industrial technology company Titan Logix has announced its release of the latest addition to the company's product offerings.

Designed for use with Titan's TD80 liquid level gauging system for mobile tankers, the Finch II is an enhanced version of the company's Finch 5332E external display.

The Finch II is able to monitor up to two compartments simultaneously which will switch the six-digit LED display to the compartment experiencing alarms, allowing overfill prevention and high-level shutdown at a more cost-effective price, according to the company.

Other features include four dedicated and programmable built-in relays, which removes the need for an external relay module and allow the unit to control a light, horn, pump and fourth auxiliary output, when an alarm level is reached, according to Titan.

A built-in RS232 interface also enables development of solutions for connection to wireless modems for 'in the office' fleet management.

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