Thomas Pump now offering GTO Pitot tube pumps

Thomas Pump & Machinery is now offering two brands of high pressure Pitot tube pump, applicable to any professional pumping system, designed to change the way high pressure liquid is generated in centrifugal pumps.

The GTO Gator and GTO Rhino brands feature Pitot tube pumps that are engineered according to strict standards of quality.

With a full range of capacities from 30-400GPM (6-100 m3/hr) and pressures up to 1,600 psi (110 bar), the technology eliminates the pulsation that is so often present in other pumps. The absence of pulsation reduces the risk of vibration damage and other costly breakdowns.

GTO pumps have been developed for low flow, high pressure applications. The Pitot tube design produces a stable, pulsation free flow. The ability to operate with a low minimum flow makes the pump suitable for a wide variety of applications, within its performance envelope.

Other features include the strategic positioning and design of the safety drain plug - keeping contaminants out to protect the bearings - X-Life precision bearings, and RTD insertion for bearing temperature monitoring.

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