‘The world needs pumps like the human body needs a heart’

At the time of writing this opinion editorial, the world is in a state of change.
I started the month of March plugging away on planning committee activities for the Hydraulic Institute’s upcoming technical conference.
I was also a proud father of one (with another child on the way). In a few short days, I saw the arrival of my second son just before COVID-19 transformed into a global pandemic that would radically alter day-to-day life for my family, my team and HI’s community of pump engineers and experts.
Many of our member companies – and HI itself – have survived enough of history’s unprecedented challenges to know that this too shall pass. The world needs pumps like a human body needs a heart.
But as shelter-in-place ordinances go into effect across the world, our members, staff and governments are deliberating on the criteria that makes certain services and products essential to a functioning society.
And that got me thinking not just about the importance of pumps to our daily lives, but how we specify solutions against the criteria we believe to be essential.
At this moment, vodka manufacturers are retrofitting equipment...

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