The vital role of the chemical industry

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As almost everything is touched by the chemical industry, chemicals naturally play a critical role in society. If their supply is interrupted, the production of many of the things that society relies upon are put in jeopardy, including necessities like clean water, food, medicines, fuel and energy.
It is difficult to conceive of a single manufacturing process in any industry that does not make use of chemicals, which is why the UK chemical industry plays such a crucial role in the economy and across all value chains. Without it, the goods upon which society depends become scarce or unavailable.
What is more, the chemical industry directly employs nearly 100,000 people and a further estimated 205,000 indirectly. With turnover in excess of £73 billion (€83 million) it is a major contributor to the UK economy.

The lasting impact of Brexit on the chemical supply chain

Leaving the EU has had a significant impact on the chemical supply chain. From the outset, companies were given only a few days from the signing of the Trade and Cooperation agreement in which to understand and implement new systems and accommodate new...

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