The two-wire coriolis solution meets a critical measurement need

In many older refining and chemical plants across the Western Hemisphere, especially those which were established decades ago – many in the 1940s and 1950s – there is an ongoing struggle with legacy equipment.
Particularly, legacy measurement devices, such as differential pressure meters or turbine meters that require regular maintenance in increasing frequency as they age.
Many of these devices have moving parts that wear out or impulse lines that become clogged. When the facilities were originally built, even when they were updated or expanded a decade or two ago, the desired Coriolis two wire technology was not available.
Competition in the global markets has increased and is pushing facilities to meet ever-higher demands for new and different products, but if equipment is holding them back, it cuts into not only production but more importantly, profit margins. To meet the increased demands requires critical planning of not only source material purchases but also how existing equipment can meet those demands.
Strategic planning, therefore, must also include planning for equipment updates, replacements or repairs. How can a facility optimise its...

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