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The Sniffers portfolio expands with DMC1 integration

The Sniffers has announced it has merged the pipeline integrity application from DMC1 into its pipeline integrity service portfolio.
The company said this strong combination of experience, knowledge, and analysis capabilities, will help pipeline owners realise their integrity objectives.
DMC1, founded in 2000 and operating from Schkopau in Germany, has developed a business application suite for pipeline owners over the past 20 years.
This pipeline manager software and the related services, such as pipeline condition analysis, risk assessment, corrosion growth analysis, and third party activity management, are essential for proper management.
DMC1 and The Sniffers both operate under the Intero Integrity Services group and DMC1 will now become part of The Sniffers’ brand and organisation.
Bart Wauterickx, The Sniffers’ CEO, said: “The integration of the DMC1 portfolio into the existing pipeline integrity survey range of The Sniffers, gives clients access to all best-in-class services, tools and expertise.
“Experience and knowledge from the field such as pipeline inspections, leak detection, corrosion surveys, and third party supervision, are now combined with the expert analysis and software capabilities of DMC1.
“The increasing integrity demands require pipeline owners to focus on accurate pipeline data, high-quality inspections, and relevant analyses. The Sniffers´ expanded range of tools and services support pipeline owners to operate a pipeline in a safe, compliant, and efficient way.”
Hartmut Gransow, managing director of DMC1, added: “Combining our 20 years’ experience in the pipeline market with the capabilities of The Sniffers, is a unique opportunity to bring more value to our existing and new clients. They now have access to a complete pipeline risk and integrity management solution called PRIMS that brings all data and information together.”