The right pump for the job

Construction managers and engineers are increasingly under pressure to increase efficiencies across their sites and they can make huge gains by using the right equipment for the job. One such piece of equipment is the submersible dewatering pump, which is vital in construction, mining and quarrying applications, enabling users to remove water, sludge, and slurry.
What liquid needs pumping?
The first consideration is the nature of the liquid being pumped, as this has a major impact on the type of pump required/used. Important factors to consider include general composition, the concentration and size of suspended particles as well as the liquid’s pH level, temperature, and chemical content. For example, is it water with fine particles or a much thicker fluid?
The higher concentration of solids is best handled by slurry pumps which are specially designed for handling corrosive and abrasive media. If the liquid is particularly aggressive, the pump should be robust and designed with protection features such as hardened, clog-free impellers, and wear-resistant. However, if the fluid contains solids with a size below 50 mm, a sludge...

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