The path to sustainable pumping

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Sustainability is increasingly becoming a crucial requirement for operators and end-users as regulations have become more demanding and stricter.
To operate in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, operators are reviewing all their equipment. One vital piece of equipment that can go a long way towards positively contributing to improved sustainability are dewatering pumps. Various factors should be considered, such as reducing downtime, improving serviceability, reducing emissions, legislation, and ensuring the pump is properly sized to operate most efficiently.
Decreasing downtime
Downtime is a significant contributor to sustainability. Reducing downtime means operators can work to maximum performance levels and improve operational efficiencies.
There are two types of downtime: unplanned downtime, whereby a part fails, and the job needs to be stopped to repair the equipment, and predicted downtime that takes place for routine servicing and maintenance.
There are several ways downtime can be reduced. The first is to ensure the equipment is appropriate for the job at hand and robust enough to withstand the...

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