The low cost of high-grade PTFE diaphragms

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When selecting an appropriate material to meet the needs of an application, a balance of functionality and cost-effectiveness must be met. The feature has been put together by Alex Eanniello, applications engineer at Garlock Sealing Technologies.
The correlation between performance and savings has many more variables than simply the cost of a diaphragm compared to how long it functions before failure. Simply put, Garlock makes high-quality diaphragms that save manufacturers money.
For aggressive pumping and metering applications, PTFE is a very popular choice.
Besides being one of the most chemically inert materials on the planet, it offers high-temperature resistance, and the ability to meet the strictest certifications and requirements.
To complement these desirable characteristics, Garlock uses PTFE that has improved dynamic and mechanical properties.
Enhanced high-grade PTFE is achieved by using manufacturing methods that physically alter the material in a way that is not achievable with the conventional (skived) PTFE manufacturing process.
Increasing the strength, flexibility, and permeation resistance of a diaphragm material can...

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