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The growing importance of flowmeters

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Most flowmeter types, except for magnetic, can measure gas flow under certain conditions. However, gases have certain properties that make measuring them more difficult than measuring liquids.
The flowmeters that are most commonly used to measure gas flow are ultrasonic, thermal, differential pressure (DP) and turbine.
Coriolis meters are also used for certain applications. Vortex meters can also accurately measure gas flow, but what they really excel at is steam flow. Which flowmeter you select depends on the application.
Gases are distinguished according to their different atomic configurations. While there are some ‘pure’ gases, like hydrogen and oxygen, there are also many gas mixtures. Some are simply combinations of different atoms into molecules such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Industrial gases are specific types of gases that are gaseous at ambient pressure and temperature and are specifically manufactured for use in industry. Any gas that is put in a canister is considered an industrial gas, with the exception of certain fuel gases.
The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) defines...

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