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Thames Water appoints IWJS for pump and pipe cleaning works at STW

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IWJS has been chosen by Thames Water to deliver storm tank cleaning works at Crossness Sewage Treatment Works (STW).
Under the terms of the agreement, IWJS will undertake the removal of 22,500 tonnes of heavy waste material, a mixture of sludge, rag, vegetation and grits, from four storm tanks at Crossness STW.
The project will provide the plant with additional sewage treatment capacity.
The waste will be removed using high-powered liquid ring and air movement suction units, before being passed via two dewatering screening units to be cleaned and separated into coarse and fine waste streams.
The process will significantly reduce the amount of waste being disposed at a registered waste transfer station, providing environmental and efficiency advantages.
Kevin Moore, senior contracts manager at IWJS, part of M Group Services, said: “The award of these works is a significant win for IWJS. Throughout the tender process, our team displayed their initiative and expertise in proposing a clearly thought-out process for completion of the works.
“Having demonstrated our experience in sewage treatment works, Thames Water recognised our capabilities to carry out the works and we look forward to getting started on the project.”
The work taking place will also enable Thames Water to assess the storm tanks and identify any required repair works including maintenance of the tanks’ mixing stirrers.