Texan water systems feel the strain amidst severe winter weather

Issues with water systems have added to the misery for much of the Texas population due to the extreme US winter weather.
Texans were under notice to boil tap water before drinking it after days of record low temperatures damaged infrastructure, caused blackouts and froze water pipes.
Millions of people have been left without electricity or heat in the aftermath of the deadly winter storm as utility crews rushed to restore power before another blast of snow and ice this week.
Out of more than a million people in the US who did not have electricity, Texas accounted for nearly half with 511,421.
In Texas, the extreme weather disrupted water service for more than 12 million residents, forcing many of the more than 680 water systems in the state to issue boil water notices.
Other parts of the country are bracing for snow.
At least 37 people have died because of weather-related fatalities since Thursday, the majority in Texas.
Another major winter storm is expected to track from the Lower Mississippi Valley into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast through Friday, the National Weather Service said, bringing more heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain to further complicate recovery efforts.
The winter weather has caused blackouts in Texas that affected 1.8 million customers on Wednesday night.

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