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Tectra brings Aventics ES05 valve system to South African markets

Tectra Automation, part of the Hytec Group, has made its Aventics ES05 essential valve system series available in South Africa.

Designed specifically to reduce the number of components, assembly is completed with one single tool, making installation easier for distributors, machine manufacturers, and system integrators with the added benefit of reducing the risk of faults.

The ES05 series was developed by Aventics in response to customers’ requests for a simple, flexible and efficient standard valve with reduced components tailored to their application.

“The new series focuses on ease of handling for distributors, machine manufacturers and system integrators,” explains Malan Bosman, pneumatic product manager at Tectra Automation.

“They can configure their customised solution online from a set number of readily available components,” he added.

The ES05 is a modular system and, as all components are unique and only one tool is required for the job, incorrect installation is “virtually impossible”, according to Tectra.

All fittings are of the same type and tightened with the same torque, which further simplifies assembly and prevents errors.

The portfolio includes the Essential Test Box, which enables testing for the correct function and valve leak-tightness before installing the valve systems, something particularly useful for volume users.

The valves come in a robust housing made of high-performance polymers and are stable and compact.

Users connect the end and base plates, and can extend the system in pairs up to 12 single or double solenoid valves.

The valves are controlled via single wiring with a type CI plug according to ISO 15217, a D-Sub connection with 25 pins with Aventics AES valve electronics from Tectra Automation, or an integrated IO-Link interface.

AES supports all common fieldbus and Ethernet protocols, and if necessary, the pilot coils can also be turned at a later stage to realise mixed connection configurations.

With a switching time of less than 35ms for all valve functions, highly dynamic action is guaranteed for short cycles.

With single wiring, the ES05 complies with protection class IP65, so the valve system can also be installed in decentralised locations, even in environments exposed to splash water.

All other connection types comply with protection class IP50.