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TecQuipment rolls out fluid mechanics teaching apparatus

Educational engineering equipment provider TecQuipment has launched a new fluid mechanics teaching product: the Flow Visualisation Channel.

Described as a compact, entry-level product for visualising flow patterns around weirs and object in an open channel, it is suitable for teaching flow principals for civil engineering, aerospace and hydrology.

The apparatus can help to introduce students to the concept of flow by illustrating fluid behaviours such as hydraulic jump and patterns of flow through a visual sensory experience.

The flow channel measures 15mm in width and comes with cylinders, weirs and hydrofoils, using six-point dye injection to create streamlines.

It is also able to show flow transition, gravity currents and standing waves, as well as experiments using ice.

“The Flow Visualisation Channel has been introduced in response to global market demand for a fluid flow teaching product that is small and very affordable,” said Jon Chicken, sales and marketing director at TecQuipment.

The Flow Visualisation Channel is part of the Flow and Pressure Measurement range within TecQuipment’s Fluid Mechanics product offering.

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