Technology trials ease trade effluent pressure

Pressure on industrial sites to meet strict trade effluent standards is mounting, but with many companies lacking inhouse treatment expertise, on site trials are becoming an increasingly appealing option.
This is the view of Adam Parmenter, business executive at wastewater specialist WPL.
He said that increasing environmental scrutiny on water companies from government, regulators and customers was filtering down to their commercial and industrial customers, many of whom were feeling the pressure to improve their effluent treatment processes.
He said: “Trade effluent is liquid waste discharged into public sewers from a business or industrial process. Its contents are highly variable but may include substances such as chemicals and detergents that can be harmful to the environment if not treated correctly.
“In giving consent for businesses to discharge trade effluent, water companies may require it to be treated to a specified standard before it enters the foul sewer and becomes the responsibility of the utility to manage. Breaching this agreement can result in fines or prosecution for the business and its owners. There are also reputational risks...

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