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Technip investing in modernisation of flexible pipe plant in France

Technip has announced an investment over four years to modernise its flexible pipe manufacturing plant, Flexi France, in Le Trait, France.

Further strengthening Technip's industrial capabilities at the site will reinforce its position in the production of flexible pipes for the development of offshore oil and gas fields.

The modernisation plan focuses on the installation of new-generation machines and site optimization to fit 12m diameter reels on which flexible pipes are spooled. Increasing the reel capacity from 9.6 to 12m in diameter will provide room for twice as much flexible pipe on each reel. Technip's investment will also create a new area dedicated to the testing of these pipes.

This investment amounts to €68 million and is part of Technip's technological innovation and differentiation strategy. Field developments are becoming increasingly complex, including deepwater operations with higher pressure levels and more corrosive fluids.