T-T Pumps supplies crucial valves for flood relief programme

T-T Pumps has won a tender to work on one of the largest flood protection schemes undertaken in the UK.
The £12 million (€14 million) project in Arbroath needed professional and efficient supply of essential components.
The UK-based company was chosen based on its expertise, supply efficiency and its understanding of the valve technology that was needed for the work.
One of the Brothock Water's essential components was ensuring that water overflow could be efficiently and safely managed.
T-T Pumps won the tender to supply the hinged valves the main contractor needed to complete the Angus Council project in Scotland.
“One of the important factors was that the Double Hinged Flap Valve was a stock item, we could supply off the shelf,” said Peter Hindley, a director with T-T Pumps.
“The outpour specialists that Morrison Construction used contacted us to supply the 62 valves they needed. It was clear they needed a fast and efficient supply service as they were working at speed and, of course, to a deadline. Our ability to supply the hinged valves they needed was clearly critical to the order.”
Managing director Bob Nash added: “T-T Pumps can offer a complete service including installation when a client needs this, but often we are contacted as a supply only service. We have long been able to meet whatever needs our client comes to us to fulfil. In the case of the Arbroath project, the contractor already had the installation skills they needed.”

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