Synova, SABIC and Technip Energies join forces to accelerate plastic circularity

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Synova, SABIC Global Technologies and Technip Energies have signed an agreement to collaborate on a new plant development which will produce olefins and aromatics from plastic waste.
The plant will use a combined technology developed by Synova and T.EN and will be integrated with one of SABIC’s steam crackers. The new plant will contribute to SABIC’s vision of closing the loop on used plastic.
The combined technology includes Synova’s proprietary solids cracking technology (MILENA) in combination with its gas conditioning and tars removal technology (OLGA) for the conversion of plastic waste into product gas, which contains high value chemicals.
The Synova technology is combined with T.EN’s proprietary gas treatment technology to remove contaminants from the product gas and purify it to bring the final products up to a specification compatible with processing in a steam cracker downstream of the cracker furnace.
The combined technology efficiently converts plastic waste into high value chemicals, enabling an efficient plastic circularity route and significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission.
Jörg Krüger, CEO and managing director at Synova, said: “I am thrilled that SABIC has joined Synova as an investor and development partner. This proves the confidence SABIC has in our team and our technology. The SABIC investment follows the completion of an in depth technical due diligence process.”
Frederik Hoornaert, general manager chemicals technology and innovation at SABIC, said: “We are excited about this collaboration with Synova and Technip Energies because it fits perfectly into our ambition on circularity, part of our flagship TRUCIRCLE™ programme.” Bhaskar Patel, SVP business line sustainable fuels, chemicals and circularity, at Technip Energies, stated: “Building on the cooperation Technip Energies already has with Synova, we are looking forward to joining forces with SABIC and supporting their ambition in the field of circularity by providing our technological expertise for the purification of pyrolysis gas together with our engineering skillsets for a successful commercial plant.”

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